About Us

Nerd Farm started on Etsy a little over a year ago, in 2014.  Since then we have been to lots of Comicons, met a lot of our amazing customers in person, and we have outgrown our little Etsy shop.  We are passionate about creating sustainable and awesomely nerdy apparel and decor.  Our sustainable mission has grown out of my personal desire to make this world just a little bit better in any way that I can.  We began with turning used tee shirts into pillow covers and have expanded rapidly into women's apparel.  Being a huge Nerd myself I have long been annoyed with the lack of choices when it comes to women's nerd apparel.  It seems especially at Comicons, the options are unisex tee shirt, horrible fitting babydoll tees (that look good on no one), and ribbed tanks.  Being a bit of a fashionista, all of the options currently offered are unacceptable.  So I have set out to make female nerd options not only better looking, but better for the planet as well.