July 18, 2015

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We are live!!!

I am so excited that our shop is live.  It has been a long and challenging journey bringing Nerd Farm to life and encouraging it to grow.  When I made that first pillow I never would have guessed that this is where we would be.  I am very excited for what the future holds for us.  I am so happy you have decided to check out what we are all about!  I am passionate about re-purposing anything that has been discarded.  And of course I am passionate about all things Nerdy, be it The One Ring, the Tardis, the Millennium Falcon, or a cute owl named Hedwig, you can count me in.  Women remain greatly undeserved in the nerdy world of fashion (or lack thereof).  I have made it my mission to give us females some awesome stuff to put on our bodies and in our homes that show off our fandom without having to compromise our sense of fashion.  I intend to help break the mold one nerd at a time.

Happy Shopping!!!

Jennifer Lant
Jennifer Lant


Lover of books, crafting, gaming and the LA Kings. Mother of two beautiful dragons. Lara Croft is my spirit animal.